How to Draw Route Map on Google Maps Using Javascript

In this article, You are going to learn how to draw a route map on google maps using javascript in PHP. You can easily draw a route between two markers in google maps using Google Map Javascript API and show the route path based on Travel Mode. Google Map Javascript API provides a Direction service to draw routes between locations.

In this direction service, you require the start and endpoint of the route to be drawn. It responds to the direction data which will be rendered on the google map.

Before starting, You have to enable Google Map Direction API. This guide explains more about how to enable API keys.

You need to load the JavaScript API First. You need to change API Key in API URL for using the Google Maps JavaScript API.

In this example, I have added  <div id=”map-canvas”></div>  to load google map. also, I have specified the start and end locations when initializing the map. When you DOM load initialize() method will render the google map as per start and end location.

I have specified travel mode “DRIVING”. You can use it as per your requirement. Google provides different travel modes like Driving, Walking, Bicycle etc.

Also, You can drag that particular point to another route or another road to get the shortest route.

The following screenshot shows the starting point A to destination point B.

Image Source Google Maps – How-to-Draw-Route-Path-on-Map-using-Google-Maps-Direction-API-in-PHP

Complete Code to Draw Route Map on Google Maps Using Javascript

I hope it helped you with an easy way to draw routes on google maps in php with more understanding. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any concerns.

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