About PHPAdvices

“Everyone should learn how to CREATE. it teaches you how to THINK”
— Steve Jobs

Thank You! For your time, to know about me.

Howdy, Engineers! I Am Vijay Poshiya. 🙂

Welcome to PHPAdvices – In this blog, my goal is to teach you every little thing.

Here’s My little description to your attention on Me and My blog. I am practicing the web application development process for about 6+ years. I am still engaged in building a high-quality web application in a passionate manner.

Here is what you will find on PHPAdvices blog:

  • Practical tips to solved your PHP programming issues.
  • Server setup and installation guides.
  • Ubuntu installation guides.
  • Database related issues and complex quiries.
  • Provide you with the rare collections of task sets over internet.
  • You can get ready made programming demos for your batter understanding.

PHPAdvices focuses on how to solve PHP programming issues, how to install different software/packages on your server, WordPress and everything else that could help you to feel stress-free.

“Don’t need a reason to help people.”
— PHPAdvices

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I hope you will find your solutions in better understanding shape within My blog.

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Thank You! 🙂