Top 10 Interesting and Unknow Facts About World War 2

The Nazis had a plan to create a giant mirror in space that could focus sunlight on enemy cities and burn them to the ground.Although the plan never came to fruition.


The US Navy trained dolphins during World War II to detect underwater mines and protect ships from potential danger. This program was so successful.


The Soviet Union had a secret army of dogs that were trained to carry explosives to enemy tanks and detonate them.


British used a fake corpse, filled with fake documents and false intelligence, to deceive the Germans and convince them to move their forces away from the real attack.


The Nazis developed a drug called Pervitin, which was a form of methamphetamine that could keep soldiers awake for days at a time.


In 1945, a German submarine surrendered to a fishing boat off the coast of Maine. The crew of the U-boat had run out of supplies and had been drifting in the Atlantic for weeks.


The US government used comic books to educate soldiers about everything from basic hygiene to complex military tactics.


The Nazis were the first to create a functioning jet fighter, the Messerschmitt Me 262, which could fly at speeds of over 500 mph and was far ahead of its time.


The US military attempted to create a bat bomb, which involved strapping incendiary devices to bats and dropping them over enemy cities.


The world's first programmable computer, Colossus, was used by the British during World War II to crack Nazi codes and help turn the tide of the war.